Dear Supporter,

We hope that you and your family are safe and well.  As you will be aware, the Covid-19 virus is affecting the whole world.  We are in contact with the NGO Trustees for Maria’s Care and also with the Deputy Head Teacher. They are keeping us updated about the situation there.

A few people entered Uganda via the airport and have tested positive for Covid-19.  These people have presented themselves to the government who immediately to trace their movements and people who they may have had contact with.  Since then, it was found that some long distance lorry drivers who have come form neighbouring countries have also tested positive to the virus.  There are approximately 61 cases now known in the whole of Uganda. To protect the Ugandan people, the government have ordered a complete lockdown – all schools and places of work to close, no public transport, and everyone must remain in their house. Further instructions will be given by President Museveni on 5th May.

The children from Maria’s Care have returned to their homes in the villages.  Staff from the school have also gone home.  The gatemen remain at the school to guard it.  The police have issued a statement that they will not be dealing with petty crime, so the leadership at the school felt it was necessary to retain the gatemen to ensure that the school was protected.  Fred, the Deputy Head Teacher and his family have moved into the school compound to keep it occupied and deter looters.  We pray that the school compound will also prove to be a safe haven from the virus for Fred, his family and the gatemen.  There are currently no cases of Covid-19 in Kamuli.

We continue to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Maria’s Care and we now ask you to join with us in prayer for the children and staff of Maria’s Care and for the people of Uganda.

Here are a number of issues that you could  pray for:

  • the safety of the people of Uganda and wisdom for the government and health experts as they make important decisions
  • Safety for the staff and children who attend Maria’s Care and who are now in their own homes in their villages
  • For those who live in more remote villages and may not get to hear news of the virus
  • Hospitals – for the health and safety of all those working there, and for equipment and medication.
  • That the locusts that have invaded the country and are about to increase in population will go.  Because of the lockdown, the people who were spraying the crops to kill them can not now do this.  So, if the locusts increase, they will devastate the crops which will have a big impact on people getting food.

May God bless you and keep you safe.
Yours in Christ,

Julie Parker
Chairman of Christian Relief Uganda


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