Visit Uganda

Our coordinator Rhona Marshall visits Uganda regularly. If you are a CRU supporter and would be interested in going with her, then please get in touch.

visit-uganda-1Discover Uganda Visits

CRU ‘Discover Uganda Visits’ are organised by Rhona, and normally run for 2 weeks two or three times a year. They are designed for supporters and friends of CRU who would like to visit Uganda for the first time, and offer you a chance to see the impact of your support. It’s a wonderful way to see just how much difference CRU, with your support, is making to peoples lives! Hear what one supporter thought of a recent trip:

“Going to Uganda was a real pleasure, but also quite humbling. I got a huge amount out of it and going out with my son Ross was fantastic, it was great to spend time together doing something so worth while, it has given us lots to talk about. His friends also were very impressed with what we had being doing, and wanted to know all the details.” Denis, October 2009 Volunteer

‘Discover Uganda Visits’ are run only when the Committee consider it appropriate. We reserve the right to not to take someone if the Committee deem that it would not be in the best interests of Maria’s Care or the other projects and people CRU support for them to go. The CRU Committee’s Decision in relation to ‘Discover Uganda Visits’ is final.

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