Maria’s Care

Maria’s Care is a Ugandan NGO (No. S5914/1376) based in the compound of Maria’s Care, Kamuli, Busoga. Maria’s Care is the collective name for the work CRU supports in the Kamuli District of Uganda.

The motto of Maria’s Care is “With God all things are possible”

Maria’s Care compound
Maria’s Care compound

Maria’s Care is the base for;

  • Education for up to 450 Primary and Pre-School pupils through its Primary School – Maria’s Care Primary School
  • Integrated education for 70 deaf and hearing impaired Primary pupils.
  • The provision of education and basic scholastic needs for sponsored children at Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training Centres in the Kamuli area and, in special cases, in Jinja and Kampala.
  • Provision of boarding for those children from families who want the service.
  • The provision of relief to destitute, elderly people and others where appropriate in the locality.
Dan Muyiira, Headteacher at Maria’s Care.
Dan Muyiira, Headteacher at Maria’s Care

Maria’s Care Pre -school and Primary School is situated in the Maria’s Care compound, Kamuli. Maria’s Care NGO manages the school through its Headteacher, Dan Muyiira. Dan leads a team of about 30 staff including teachers and support workers.

Teachers at Maria’s Care
Teachers at Maria’s Care

The school has qualified teachers for every class and teachers experienced in signing for deaf children. Hearing and non-hearing pupils experience integrated learning and primary aged pupils who remain at school in the afternoons receive a free school meal, cooked on the premises.

The staff at Maria’s Care and Maria’s Care Primary School are supported by a Board of Trustees, who include:

Maria’a Care trustees
Maria’s Care trustees – Rita, Henry and Celia

Rita Mijumbi. – Chair.
Rita has wide experience in working with charitable organisations in Uganda.

Henry Mugoya. – Secretary.
Henry is a Deputy Head in a secondary school and has experience in the provision of further education.

Celia Kaala.
Celia is a lawyer with a practice in Kampala who has provided legal advice to charities for many years.

Samuel Okiror

Sam joined the NGO trust in 2018.  He has valuable experience working with charities and NGO trusts.  Tearfund is one of the charities with which he has worked.

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